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How the Chinese Canadians became involved in the Burma Campaign
by Willy Chong

Roy MacLaren wrote in his book  "Canadians behind enemy lines 1939-1945"

 "All the Chinese-Canadian volunteers, whether in Sarawak or Malaya, had served well. All had gone to war as light-hearted young men, eager to make the best of their assignments with out a care for the morrow. In volunteering for clandestine warfare, the spirit of adventure was as evident in them as it had been in those Canadians who went into occupied Europe. But for the young Chinese-Canadians, their service meant something more. For them, it was also an affirmation of equality. Their parents or even grandparents, as well as themselves, had been second class Canadians, deprived of the full privileges of citizenship. They were ready, even eager, to fill all the obligation of citizenship so that in return they receive all those rights which other Canadians took for granted. Sarawak and Malaya were two exotic way stations on their route to full Canadian equality" 

Douglas Jung

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