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Hi Mian Lin,

When you asked for operations in Singapore, you mean a plane flew over your island and agents parachuted at night into Singapore. It never happened, it was too dangerous. If they did there would be a code name like Gustavus 1 or 2 or 30, . there  are no records. There are many drops into south Johore, they would remove their  green uniform then put on their civics and  travel by bus, car or by  train, I heard of an agent swimming across  Johore Straight.

Only time Force 136 entered into Singapore on September 3 and 4. Colonel A Stewart was the senior allied officer who marched into  Singapore with my friend Billy Lee. These two are Canadian men who live in this city, they raised the Union Jack over the camp and several major Singapore buildings.

You asked, If I lived through the occupation, I have to say no. I was never under occupation, I hope I have helped you.


Douglas Jung

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